10.30 am

You're INvited to our in-person services


We want to ensure safety & build confidence as we return to a level of normality.

Current Covid-19 Considerations 

  • Masks are currently mandatory for attending church.
  • Please use the available hand sanitisers regularly.
  • You may remove your mask if you wish, during Worship for singing. Please wear you mask while moving around the building.
  • We are limiting our capacity to around 80 chairs allowing people to leave space if they wish for social distancing, however in order to do this we ask that you fill from the front as not everyone can realistically sit on the back row with social distancing,
  • As fresh air is one of the main recommended measures to reduce the spread of Covid-19 you may wish to consider an extra layer as the extractor fans will remain on through most of the service to keep refreshing the air. 
  • Please aim to arrive for our service at least 5-10 minutes early in order to aid seating prior to the beginning of the service. Arriving late makes it harder to find appropriate seats for you without distracting those leading the service.
  • If you are particularly concerned about social distancing, please mention your concerns to your welcomer, and they will give you a spacer to ensure that you have extra space around you. Arriving early will also ensure that you are seated appropriately to your needs.  
  • We have available noise limiting headphones to anyone who would like to use them, which are suitable for both children and adults who may find the sound overwhelming. They are sanitised after each use.
  • After the service we are now providing tea and coffee and you are welcome to join us.  Your servers are following extra measures to limit any health concerns. Masks may be removed while seated and consuming food or drink. We encourage to utilise all of the available space, i.e.  both the main auditorium and atrium.


  1. Please DO NOT attend if you have tested positive for COVID-19, or been asked too self isolate 
  2. Please DO NOT attend if you are displaying COVID-19 symptoms while awaiting a test.
  3. Please DO NOT attend if you have been contacted by the UK Track and Trace Service and have been asked to self-isolate.
  4. Please DO follow current advice to reduce to spread of any infection.
  5. Sanitiser will be available for you to use upon entry to and exit from the building
  6. We strongly advise that you do regular testing for COVID-19 using a lateral flow test kit, since some people do not always show symptoms. Tests kits are freely and widely available and you can use the button below to discover more information about this. It’s currently recommended that people test at least twice a week.