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Assemblies of God UK

The Assemblies of God is made up of over 500 churches of various sizes located throughout Great Britain. We are a Pentecostal movement who believes that every individual can and should have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and have the opportunity to be part of a local, vibrant church.

Evangelical Alliance UK

Evangelical Alliance

Compassion UK

Compassion UK works through local churches overseas to release children from economic, social, physical and spiritual poverty.


BibleGateway is a great tool for searching and studying the Bible.


Tearfund takes a comprehensive approach to releasing people from poverty and working for truly sustainable change..

Release International

Release International Release International serves the persecuted church around the world in five key ways:
  • Showing God’S Compassion – Providing for the needs of the families of Martyrs and Prisoners
  • Serving God’s Church – Enabling them to Survive Persecution and its Effects
  • Sharing God’S LOVE – Helping the Persecuted Church win to Christ those who are opposed to the Gospel
  • Spreading God’s Word – Supplying Bibles and Literature to meet the need fo Growth and Evangelism
  • Speaking as God’s Advocates – being the Voice of the Martys and the Oppressed